Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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All eyes are on New York where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton celebrated huge primary victories last night. The news surrounding the 5-year Georgia student disciplined by school administrators with a wooden paddle has stirred controversy over the use of corporal punishment. Is it corporal punishment or is it child abuse. What’s your take? These stories and reflections on the life and legacy of our friend Oliver Singleton .

Oliver Rodney Hunt Singleton


1. Grace said...

Mr. Singleton's impact was evident from the outpouring of love at his homegoing services.Great to see you and so many of his friends taking time to honor him.

2. Jesse said...

To show that the tainted water in Flint, Mich., is safe when filtered, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says he will be drinking it for the next month when he's at home and at work.He needs to drink the UNFILTERED water that the residents of Flint drank for two years.Snyder needs to go!

3. Janice said...

Rodney was a giant.I remember you working the MBL tent at the Second Street Festival every year. I saw you both days of his services

4. Scotty+Reid said...

Why do people think if children act out that it means the parents are not doing anything to raise their children right. I'm sure some people don't but my grandson sometimes has bad days, just like adults, he is only 5 and in pre-k. No one outside of our home is going to be putting their hands or a paddle on my grandson, discipline is his parents job, not some teacher or administrator. They better call me or his mother.

5. Shane said...

It aint about transgenders,its about discrimination against all of us

6. Lauren said...

I agree that sometimes a child's azz needs a beating but not from the school.

7. Lawrence said...

Marty was on fire and on point

8. Leonard said...

Lets not be fooled. The new and gentler Donald Trump is a fabrication to get elected. He has shown his true colors

9. Sugar Ray said...

Fitting tribute to a giving person!

10. Richard said...

Saw your post on Instagram and listening now.Love the real talk

11. Jim said...

Check out this article from last night that gives 5 reasons not to vote for Hillary

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