Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show ON DEMAND


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Bernie wins in Wyoming but splits the delegate count with Hillary evenly due to estimates 7 to 7. All eyes are on New York, with Hillary and Bernie quipping over qualifications and Trump claiming New York as his comeback vehicle. Families of Sandy Hook and Aurora shooting victims have publicly blasted Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. We will talk about why they are upset and how voter suppression laws could affect the election this year.


1. Trudy said...

I am agreeing with Gilbert this week.Wow

2. Tonia said...

It is amazing that all of the men on the show justified the proliferation of guns,which is the main killer of young Black men

3. Mark said...

Thanks for exposing Bernie for being just as big a liar as Hillary

4. Lawrence said...

Love watching the show.

5. Casey said...

What the hell is wrong with Real Brother?

6. Jesse said...

I hope your show is not exterminated lol

7. Freddie said...

Brother X ????

8. Rhonda said...

What is Van smoking?

9. Redd said...

As long as bad guys have big guns,I will keep big guns

10. Conway said...

Why Real Brother,WHY?

11. Pamela said...

Too much testosterone on the panel

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