Sunday, March 20, 2016 Views Weekly Poll

Dr. Ben Carson recently endorsed GOP Presidential frontrunner and presumptive nominee Donald Trump and appears to be positioning himself for the VP slot on a Trump ticket.

What’s your take on a Trump/Carson ticket? If Trump is the nominee,who do you think he should select to  be his running mate?


1. Terrance said...

Who the hell cares?

2. Jesse said...

They deserve each other.

3. Randy said...

It doesn't matter.All democrats and half of Republicans will vote against Trump

4. MW said...

Trump and his boy.

5. Robert Johnson said...

Match made in Stupidity.

6. Matthew said...

Carson is more of a disappointment than Trump.Both Losers

7. Carson said...

Listening to your show on iHeart Radio.Will be listening live Wednesday.

8. Bro. Willie said...

The GOP has helped to ruin Ben Carson in my eyes. I no longer see the Gifted Hands doctor I grew to admire. If he was selected it would tokenism at best. He would be the black face

9. Laura said...

Agree with Bro.Willie.I looked up to him.Did you see the movie starring Cubs Holding Jr?

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