Sunday, February 14, 2016

Worthy of African American Vote?

After a double digit loss to Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary, Hillary Clinton is counting on the African American vote in South Carolina to put her campaign back on the winning track.

What’s Your Take? Bernie or Hillary? Which candidate in your opinion is worthy of the African American vote?


1. RobertBrown said...

Neither,but still better than anything on the other side.

2. Mark said...

Sanders record is suspect at best.

3. ManChild said...

Bernie has never had to deal with Race.He keeps changing the subject to unequal wealth,but fails to see why its unequal.It aint Wall Street.Hillary will keep us on the path that Obama has set.

4. Long Time Listener said...


5. Cameron said...

Bernie is full of unrealistic goals that will never pass Congress.Free College,free health care,free ,free free.Saying what young people want to hear. Empty promises

6. Scotty Reid said...

I find the uninformed Black voter in the information age of the Internet highway that don't use it to research the records and personal histories of political candidates.

Hillary Clinton in the 90s was calling black children "super predators" and yet Black voters fail to make the historical legislative connection to the Clinton Crime Bill and why today we seeing young black students being slammed by cops in school and shot down in the streets of America,

CSPAN has video of Hillary Clinton arguing for the Crime Bill and Bernie Sanders calling the bill a revenge bill to target black people and poor people and put them in jail. Sanders was telling you this stuff decades before the book The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

7. Mark said...

Thanks for the facts Scotty,I stand corrected,but can Bernie actually win?

8. Rocky said...

My NON VOTE is a vote against the status quo

9. Not feeling the BERN said...

Hillary is leading the polls of Blacks in South Carolina and Virginia.

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