Sunday, February 07, 2016

Should Women Be Required To Register For The Draft?

A recent decision to open all jobs in combat units to women service members has top officers in the Army and Marine Corps testifying that it is now time for women to register for future military drafts.

What’s your take? Should women be required to register for the draft?


1. Long Time Listener said...

Make sense to me

2. ManChild said...

I think this is a set up.I don't believe in a draft anyway for anyone. The all volunteer service is working.

3. OC said...

We can't handle gays in the military. Now you want women who don't want to be there? SMH

4. Damon said...

YES,if the goal is equality then women must step up to the plate to defend this country as well.

5. Trudy said...

Yes,we can't choose when we want to be equal

6. Christian said...


7. Dana said...


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