Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Is A Gun On Your Christmas Wish List?

Nearly 70% of Americans have shot a gun in their lifetime, and more than four in 10 have a gun in their home according to a recent poll.

What’s Your Take? Have you ever shot a gun? Do you have a gun in your household?


1. Dave said...

Considering how crazy people are today.I may consider purchasing a gun

2. ManChild said...

I am former military and yes ,I have shot a gun but do not own one now.

3. Benjamin said...

NO and NO

4. Owen said...

Proud gun owner and hunter. Does that bother you?

5. Kitty said...

No and No

6. Jesse said...

@ Owen. It bothers ME if it is a semi automatic weapon

7. Trudy said...

Let's keep the guns and raise the price of ammunition.I remember Mouse saying this months ago. I agree. By the way,where is Mouse?

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