Sunday, November 08, 2015

Ban The Box?

President Obama announced a new order to “ban the box” –an effort to eliminate the requirement that federal government job applicants check a box if they have a criminal record.

What’s Your Take? Should an employer be allowed to pre-screen job applicants for criminal offenses?


1. Peter said...

This is a feel good effort,but as an employer,I want to know before I waste my time and the applicant's time.I do not hire convicted criminals

2. Jesse said...

It may help to get them into the interview,but at some point it has to come out

3. Gerald said...

It will help to level the playing field.

4. Henry said...

Not gonna work

5. Ben said...

I think we need to focus on not locking up non violent offenders and we won't need to ban a box

6. Randy A. said...

YES! Every employer needs to know if an applicant has a criminal record. The employer is responsible for the well being of all employees and customers, as well as for that employee's actions while on the job.

I do not see how anyone can make a valid argument that an employer cannot know this information, yet be expected to be held fully responsible for liability for the employee's actions

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