Sunday, October 04, 2015

Friday Night Lights

Football is America’s most popular sport according to a recent poll. Despite the spectator’s love for the sport, High Schools across the country are evaluating the viability and safety of the sport due to concerns of long term injuries. Five football players died last year, according to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research. A School Board in Missouri has decided to ban football because of safety concerns.  More parents are reportedly enrolling their children in a growing number of youth soccer programs, leaving fewer students playing football by the time they reach high school.  

What’s your take? Would you let your child play High School football? Do you agree with the decision in Missouri to ban High School football completely?


1. Jerome said...

The percentage of injuries is minuscule.Yes,my child plays football

2. Lawrence said...

Fear of injury will lead to injury

3. Lucy said...

I encouraged my boys to play soccer. I don't think football should be banned.Kids and parents should access the risks and decide.

4. Leonard said...

High School football generates too much money for most schools to cancel. All about the dollar!

5. Baye Kambui said...

No ban, but schools must implement a minimum set of safety protocols. Helmet design should be addressed ...

song currently stuck in my head: "tonight" - steve harvey

6. Ramsey said...

Agree with Baye.Not only equipment but retraining of coaches on proper hitting procedures

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