Sunday, September 27, 2015

What's Your Take?

We have all heard the phrase “they all look alike to me”, a phrase often referring to African Americans. Did this happen to former tennis professional James Blake when a NYPD officer mistook him for another black man suspected of credit card fraud? Scientists believe the phrase “they all look alike to me” may have merit. Decades of research has reportedly revealed that the “other-race effect” is a cognitive phenomenon that makes it harder for people of one race to readily recognize or identify individuals of another race.It is not bias or bigotry, the researchers say, that makes it difficult for people to distinguish between people of another race.

What’s your take? Is this a product of our perceptual experience, bias or bigotry? Do people of other races all look alike to you?  


1. Jesse said...

This is crazy. This study makes an excuse for racial profiling

2. Justin Morris said...


3. Ramsey said...

This is what they want you to believe.I am a new listener from Phoenix.How do I get on your email list? I have attached my email

4. Ted said...

How often do cops arrest the wrong White boy?

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