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The majority of Americans, 58%, consider themselves to be "haves" in U.S. society, while 38% put themselves in the "have-not" group according to a recent poll. The percentage of have-nots has more than doubled since 1988, but has been more stable in recent years.

What’s Your Take? Do you consider yourself in the “Haves” or “Have -Nots”?


1. Grace said...

I may not have much material wealth,but I consider myself a "HAVE"

2. Jeff said...

I have all I need

3. Andrew said...

We are all too consumed with having.I am a happy HAVE NOT

4. Long Time Listener in Richmond said...

This is more about how we see ourselves in comparison with the "JONESES"

5. Jesse said...

Not sure how they defined it, but I am a have.I have life, health and the ability to work for a living.Blessed

6. Manchild said...

Preachers and politicians want us all to believe we are Have Nots and they have the answer to becoming a HAVE.We believe the hype and they get richer and we get poorer

7. Gerald said...

You and Tamron Hall are my favorite beautiful sisters on radio and TV.Just heard you on the new show weeknights on KISS.Are you moving your show to Radio One!

8. Lee said...

What I don't have I will have. I am on a mission

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