Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Getting Ready for Tomorrow!


1. Lawrence said...

Every week a new case about someone being killed.Damn shame

2. Kate said...

Will you talk about the cop killer in Memphis?

3. Mark said...

I am so sorry that my work schedule won't allow me to listen live.Will check it out Wednesday night.

4. Henry said...

Is it true that there will be 8 more of these clown debates.Can't stand it. Can't believe anything they say. Democrats either! Equal opportunity liars

5. Terry said...

Doesn't all lives matter include Blacks?

6. Lou said...

There has never been a reason to question whether White lives matter. White kids are not being killed in the streets by Black cops. Yes America needs to recognize and agree that Black Lives Matter.White folk know they matter.

7. Jesse said...

Amen Lou! Took the words right out of my mouth but said so much better.We wouldn't need a movement if Black lives meant as much as White lives

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