Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Is The Fight Over?

The marriage equality fight continues to linger in some states despite the recent Supreme Court ruling. Opposition to the decision  to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide looks to be front and center in the upcoming  presidential campaigns and some states appear to be less than enthusiastic to abide by the ruling.


What’s Your Take? Do you support the decision and how do you feel about those continuing the fight?Should the fight be over?


1. Lane said...

The fat lady has sung and the Republicans need to back down

2. Long Time Listener said...

Thats why the GOP will never win the White House

3. Trudy said...

Spoiled Brats

4. Jesse said...

Crazy ass Ted Cruz says states can ignore SCOTUS gay marriage ruling

5. Bruce "Not Jenner" said...

We should never step back from our beliefs,but should respect the Supreme Court as the last word.How does two gay people getting married affect my life? There are plenty of heterosexuals that should never be married. What about them?

6. Louis said...

Why are they so homophobic?If your church agrees to celebrate same sex weddings and you don't approve.Find another church.They used this same strategy to stop interracial marriages and some Black folk are falling right in line

7. Grace said...

It's Over

8. ManChild said...

During the 2004 elections, George W. Bush's campaign, managed by a closeted gay man, pushed a series of anti-gay ballot initiatives across the country. The House of Representatives, led by a male speaker who allegedly sexually assaulted a male minor, moved a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage after beating back attempts to strengthen hate crimes legislation. And the White House, led in part by a vice president with a lesbian daughter, eagerly encouraged a conservative evangelical base hostile to gay rights.

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