Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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We are back live this week and will take a deeper look into the racist driven murder of 9 African American men and women in a Charleston, South Carolina Church and how the community and parishioners response and  the President’s call for comprehensive gun control. Views Weekly Poll

President Obama described the frequency of the type of gun violence seen in the killings of nine people at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina as unique to the United States among advanced countries. Efforts to enact tougher gun control measures have consistently failed in recent years and recent polls have revealed that only half of Americans favor stricter gun laws.

How about you? Do you favor the enactment of tougher gun laws in America?

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1. Trudy said...

Welcome Back

2. Jesse said...

I agree with the flag coming down,but remember that the flag is only a symbol of the racism that continues to Forgive but never forget because the next racist is waiting to remind you.

3. Lucas said...

Do you think Lindsey Graham would taking the flag down if he wasn't running for President

4. Scotty said...

Sure must people do get their food from the grocery store but what you going to do when the grid goes down, a natural disaster happens and you can not get food from the grocery store? You going to be stuck somewhere waiting on FEMA to feed you? We see how that worked out during Katrina.

Guns are a part of preparedness and black people for the most part have lost their ability to provide themselves. They do not hunt, they do not plant and harvest their own vegetables, they are totally dependent on other people to provide for them so if god forbid a serious man made or natural disaster happens, we know those unprepared people will be causlties. Wake up, time to become less dependent on this government and corporations and police and more dependent on ourselves. We have lost out way.

5. ManChild said...

Real Brother makes everything about White people being dumb

6. Tonia said...

Great Show,Great tribute

7. Gina said...

We are too passive as a people

8. Curious said...

How in the world can anybody justify the Confederate Battle flag?

9. Trudy said...

South Carolina will not change anytime soon.

10. Mark said...

Scotty is on point

11. Kevin said...

Thanks for staying on top of the stories that really affect Black folk

12. Curtis said...

Restricting guns would not have prevented the killings

13. Robert said...

Yay health care and marriage for everone #OBAMAWINS

14. Lawrence said...

Hope you get to talk about how Donald Trump is running second in GOP polls and Bernie Sanders is drawing huge numbers. Are the protest voters? I think Dems are luke warm on Hillary and Donald has brought out the worst in right wing extremist racist wing nuts.

15. lindsey said...

Heard your podcast on iHeart.Added you to my lists of stations.

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