Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show


This week will be a special Tanya Free and Friends On Point ON DEMAND when Bill,Dr. Wes,Marcus ,Van and I go a little deeper into the stories in the headlines including the case of the tragic suicide of Kalief Browder,who was held in Rikers for three years,two in solitary confinement without ever getting a trial or apology and theTexas cop who waved a gun and cursed several Black teenagers all before slamming a bikini clad teenager to the ground, pressing his knees on her back at a pool party in Texas. His attorney says ,he let his emotions get the best of him.

These stories and more this Wednesday on Tanya Free and Friends On Point. Join the conversation 2pm Eastern and 1pm Central and  ON DEMAND @

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The Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show is heard on WCLM1450AM in Central Virginia,WMXP  95.5 FM in Greenville ,SC,AMFM 247Network Nationwide and The New Orleans Talk Network and May We Help You Radio Network.  streaming  on,Black Talk Radio Network and out the Listen page on for times and schedules for repeat broadcasts.



1. Long Time Listener said...

Sorry no calls today

2. Tonia said...

Was waiting to hear about White Rachel.

3. Jesse said...

Agree with Marcus.Churches don't care about anything except tithes and offerings.

4. RobertBrown said...

That cop was wired up because the kids laughed at him when he ran and fell just like Barney Fife

5. Jack Rabbit said...

Why is anyone surprised when cops do what cops do.

6. Kevin said...

The church has never been the answer.Some prominent pastors have helped the cause,but the Black church has never done anything but beg for money and build new sanctuarys.Don't be fooled.The Mormons,Episcopalians and Catholics have always provided support, day care and counseling on our neighborhoods. How many churches can you name that have lifted a finger to help Black folk

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