Monday, May 04, 2015

Have The Protests Been Effective?

Thousands of peaceful protesters across the country have marched miles for justice to be served for the deaths of countless unarmed black men killed at the hands of police.

What’s your take? How effective have the protests been in bringing awareness and change?


1. Long Time Listener said...

Protests are effective when they gather media attention.No one to be in the spotlight.Protests had a huge effect in Ferguson. Leadership has change and they had the biggest increase in voting in many years

2. Grace said...

Protests worked in the sixties and they have been more effective with social media and 24 hour news channels.

3. Lawrence said...

Not alone,but as part of a national strategy.Yes,communities around the country are comparing notes and strategizing.

4. Karen said...

Baltimore is going to change and charges were filed QUICKLY.The cops did not expect this at all.

5. Jerome said...

Protests are fine. We need to leverage our use of social media to use our economic and social influence to bring change. Speak with vote and our dollars. Target racists and refuse to support their businesses. Cancel conventions in states that have high incidences of police brutality against minorities

6. Ebony said...

Social media campaigns and protests are making a difference. They are able to mobilize in hours rather than days.

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