Tuesday, April 28, 2015


 Hours after the funeral of Freddie Gray, chaos and violence erupted on the streets of Baltimore late Monday as protesters clashed with police, several of whom were injured. Numerous Baltimore City police officers were injured, multiple vehicles were vandalized and set on fire, and businesses were looted as a massive group of rioters ran. As a result, a city-wide curfew was put in place in an effort to restore order. 

 Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake held a press conference Saturday alongside community and religious leaders and asked for peace as hundreds marched in Baltimore in honor of Freddie Gray.
But when one reporter asked to comment on how Baltimore police responded to the protestors she said she instructed officers to allow protestors to express themselves and that “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.” 
What’s your take? Do you agree with the Mayor's approach? Do you think the Mayor’s statement may have led to unintended consequences including the violence and looting on Monday night?  



1. Jesse said...

Nothing the mayor said caused this. Anger over another Black kid is the cause.

2. ManChild said...

The mayor did not want any more lives lost.The police were outnumbered and they had to use restraint.Confrontation would have led to another dead kid. The kids had rocks.The police have high powered rifles

3. Trudy said...

These children were not listening to a press conference. They are angry. They deal with the police 24/7 and are not afraid.Everyone is talking about their community. They don't have a community. They targeted what they had access to make a statement. I don't condone everything they did but I understand

4. Tonia said...

She misspoke.I take her at her word. Can you imagine the pressure.This purge had nothing to do with her statements.

5. Charles said...

The Governor and media are trying to portray her as weak and incompetent.Don't buy into it. She save lives

6. Damon said...

Nobody could have caused or prevented this.

7. Lewis Jackson said...

These criminals were not listening to anybody .Looting for beer and cigarettes

8. Long Time Listener said...

I hope your panel won't follow the media's lead by focusing on looters and not the anger and frustration that most Black people feel when dealing with the police.What is behind the anger. White media does not get it. No one is talking about the thugs that broke the back of Freddie Gray.When Egypt had riots and civil disobedience the US praised the demonstrators as freedom fighters.But these kids are being labeled as thugs.The police are the thugs and the Mayor gets my praise for restraint.

9. Richard said...

The community is angry. The Mayor held back. She didn't want another Ferguson.She was not the cause.Criminal thug cops are the cause. Have we forgotten them?

10. David Winston said...

What have we learned from this?You can't keeping pressuring a people and not expect an explosion.It would have been worse if she had sent in the tanks.

11. Big Nate said...

This is a no win situation. I think the media wants us to focus on demonstrations not the cops that killed Freddy Gray.

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