Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Tanya Free and Friends

Your Destination for the Best in Social and Political Straight Talk Wednesdays 2pm Eastern/1pm Central
WCLM1450AM in Central Virginia,WMXP 95.5 FM in Greenville ,SC,AMFM 247Network Nationwide and beginning today on The New Orleans Talk Network streaming LIVE on Live365.com,Black Talk Radio Network and TanyaFree.com .The podcast repeats Thursdays at 6pm on May We Help You? Radio Network. Listen on the go. Download the FREE LIVE 365 app or the NOTN app. 


1. Grace said...

You Go Gurl!So proud of you! You look beautiful! Fierce and Flawless!Can't wait until tomorrow. Will finally get to watch you guys do your thing!

2. Charles said...

Best show on radio!Looking forward to it!

3. Jesse said...

Have you seen the Video Showing a cop Shooting an Unarmed Black Man In The Back In South Carolina?
As you would say. You can't make this stuff up. This was cold blooded

4. Trudy said...

Isaiah Washington is striving for relevance and the fame lost

5. Mark said...

Have watched you and your show grow over the past few years.Many have come and gone,but you have survived and prospered by staying true and speaking truth. Looking forward to watching and listening!

6. RobertBrown said...

I have been waiting and waiting to watch you guys. Let me brag that I think I was one of the first,if not THE first to request video.Does that warrant a shout out? lol Congrats.Next MSNBC!

7. Mitchell said...

Long Time Listener!Thanks for the app.Somtimes I can't get 1450 in Western Henrico

8. spbcvsutrojan said...

VSU proud of you!. Saw the post on FACEBOOK

9. Sierra said...

Another Black Man shot in Back and killed by White Cop.AGAIN!

10. Curious said...

The First lady participated in Black Girls Rock.Why isn't that racist?Could we have a White Boys Rock event?

11. Grace said...

Curious needs to have a seat! Quoting Coffee Black.lol Have a great show. Can't wait to see what you will be wearing. You are always so elegant and sharp at SPBC.

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