Monday, March 30, 2015

How Do You Define Terrorism?

A Germanwings co-pilot is believed to have locked the pilot out of the cockpit, deliberately setting the plane on a lethal descent into the French Alps last week. We now hear that he may have been depressed. The media has for the most part refused to describe this act as terrorism.

What’s Your Take? Does this act meet the definition of terrorism in your opinion?


1. Lewis said...

Yes it is. Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma was not called a terrorist either.White people are depressed.Middle Eastern and Muslims are always Islamic terrorists or Islamic sympathizers

2. Dewey said...

There is no evidence that this guy was part of any group

3. Realbrother said...

He became a pilot after realizing Obama wasn't going to fail. A Neo Nazi German Tea Party Nut who was depressed and upset because Whites are no longer in power. Mental illness my foot. More like Obama Derangement Syndrome. TKCAL

4. RobertBrown said...

Mass Murder of innocent victims is terrorism

5. Nubian said...

Acts of unlawful violence and war are defined as terrorism

6. Lawrence said...

This guy had an agenda. YES

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