Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Women and Hyper-Sexism in the Media

Hip Hop Culture is now in the mainstream of the music industry. The emergence of digital streaming and alternative music sources have become the preferred method of listening to uncut hip hop deemed inappropriate for traditional radio. A recent article stated that “Generation after generation, music has revolutionized cultures around the globe. Every generation goes through a trend of music that greatly inspires that specific era on what to wear, how to act, and what to say.” The author went on to say that “Artists always try to have the hottest girls in their videos which makes other people, predominantly young men, think “Wow! They are definitely living the good life!” The notion that scantily clad women described as “Bitches and Hoes" are merely an accessory of the good life brings into question how these images will affect the mentality of our young girls and our young boys who idolize and emulate  these hip hop icons.

What’s Your Take? How do you think these images are affecting our young girls in particular?

Are you familiar with the story of Sarah Baartman?


1. Dennis said...

I don't endorse censorship,but where is the balance?

2. Nuance said...

Black women have always intrigued White men! That's why White women spend so much time in tanning salons and getting collengen treatments

3. Linda said...

Every young girl should see this story. We cannot not ourselves to be relegated into being an accessory.

4. Phil said...

These women are being paid to be video vizens. It's a job.It is not their fault that stupid people cannot separate fact from fiction.

5. Keith said...

Black is beautiful and the thicker the better. I ain't mad ,these women are not victims,they are empowered.

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