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President Barack Obama made the case for Congress to formally authorize the use of military force in the war against ISIS. He made it clear that the Authorization for the Use of Military Force does not call for deployment of ground troops in Iraq or Syria. Some Republicans have insisted American ground troops will eventually be necessary.

What’s Your Take? Should the US put combat boots on the ground in the war against ISIS?


1. Dave said...

It doesn't matter what Obama wants.The republicans will want the opposite.How does a judge in Texas over rule the President. And how does a former NY mayor feel the need to question Obama's love for the country and his mother's race means he is not a bigot.I hope y'all talk about this.

2. Andrew said...

President Obama rejected the notion today that groups like ISIS are operating from a religious foundation -- but labeled them simply as terrorists, adding that the United States is at war with those who have “perverted Islam.”

I agree! So called Christians want a war with ISLAM ,not the terroristd.

3. Aisha said...

ISIS is not a religion.Obama is absolutely correct.

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