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 An Atlanta barber shop has come up with an interesting method to discipline misbehaving kids. The owner Russell Frederick offers calls  the  special haircut the “grown up kids special” which leaves the child  looking like an old man, bald on top with close cut sides.  The method has gone viral but not all of the responses have been positive, receiving criticism from mental health professionals who don’t like the idea of shame and   strategies that humiliate children.

What’s your take? Do you approve of “the grown up kids special” as a form of discipline?



1. Steven said...

Humiliation leads to anger and low self esteem.NO. What are parents to do when the child is bullied?

2. ManChild said...

we are our worst enemies. So the only choices this guy has to discipline his child is a whipping or a humiliating haircut?What's next,make him go to school wearing a dress?Our young Black males are already demeaned and marginalized.Who is going to help this child when he becomes depressed? Next he will be heading to a DR. to prescribe drugs. Please don't give this type of stupidity any validation. Young Black Lives Matter!Again the White media has made a fool of this guy and he doesn't have a clue and neither do we

3. Long Time Listener said...

No,obviously he needs a parenting class or either he is pimping his child for fifteen minutes of fame

4. Leonard said...

This is abusive. What is he going to do when the haircuts don't work?

5. Young Diva said...

I don't think this is a good idea.Looking forward to getting your opinion. Found your show a couple of months back on MWHY. Been listening live past couple of weeks. I take your challenge. I had my taxes done at Fiscal Fitness on Chamberlayne Ave in Richmond

6. Grace said...

".. we also see faith being twisted and distorted, used as a wedge -- or, worse, sometimes used as a weapon." President Obama told the truth

7. RobertBrown said...

This is the Barack Obama that I have been waiting for

8. Tonia said...

I have to agree with the others. This is not a good idea.We need to get away from equating discipline and humiliation.

9. Sara said...

I am embarrassed by this.What the hell is wrong with our people?

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