Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's Your Take?

President Obama has called for making at least two years of college education free and universal. Building on a model that has been used by the state of Tennessee and the city of Chicago, the president's proposal would involve the federal government and states combining to pay the entire cost of tuition for two years at a community college for any American who wanted it. If adopted nationwide, administration officials estimate 9 million people across the country could save about $3800 in college costs. It is predicted to benefit middle-class students more than the very poorest, who qualify would qualify for federal Pell Grants.

What’s Your Take? Do you support government funded universal college education?


1. Jesse said...

Yes, but the Republicans will never pass it.

2. Taylor said...

I hope this will cover 2 year tech schools.

3. Tony said...

Any age? No brainer.Yes

4. Lawrence said...

With a roughly $60 billion price tag over the next 10 years, the proposal may have little chance of getting through the Republican Congress.

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