Sunday, December 07, 2014

Are Body Cameras The Answer?

The failure to indict the New York City police officer whose chokehold killing of  Eric Garner captured on video has called to question the use of police body cameras to deter police brutality and racial profiling.An Ohio grand jury failed to indict the police officers who killed John Crawford in a Walmart last September where he had picked up an air rifle from the shelf. And earlier this year, a man in Oklahoma stopped breathing in a movie theater parking lot after several police officers forced him to the ground when he refused to hand over his ID.President Obama requested $75 million in federal funds for body camera technology to deter  these types of incidents.

What’s Your Take? Will body cameras reduce instances of racial profiling and police  brutality?



1. Grady said...

Cameras mean nothing. Ask the family of Eric Garner

2. Barry said...

A month ago,I would have agreed with the President,but not sure now

3. Willie Csrlisle said...

Body cameras are not the answer. A crooked cop will find a way to make the camera malfunction just before he does something stupid. What we need is reform of police departments. Make them protect and serve and not racially profile.

4. Kenneth said...

Part of the solution,but in no way will cameras alone make a difference.I think the key is is who should be the prosecutor in police involved shootings.

5. ManChild said...


6. Tonia said...

Have you seen this?The young girl, who was reportedly a runaway, was screaming that she couldn’t breathe as her mother attempted to explain to the officers that she has mental problems as well as asthma.

Luis Paul Santiago, the witness who filmed the violent encounter stated that police attempted to delete the video, and the second officer on the scene explained that the officer “behaved correctly” and stated that “if she needed to, she could have shot her dead.”


7. Kelly said...

I know that Eric Garner is in the news but let us not forget the situation in Ferguson.While the world looks away they are now investigating Mike Brown's stepfather.

8. Damon said...

Cameras will not stop the brutality alone. Great to see you back on Facebook today. I look forward to your posts

9. RobertBrown said...

Nothing will make me feel comfortable when stopped.

10. Jack Rabbit said...

I agree with Damon on both.We need more than cameras.We need reform. I miss your early morning Facebook posts as well.It used to be my news focus for the day.

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