Sunday, November 09, 2014

What's Your Take?

A historic number of marijuana legalization measures were on the ballot last week, and most of them passed. Voters in the District of Columbia approved an initiative that makes it legal for adults to possess two ounces of marijuana and grow up to six marijuana plants in their home. Although residents of Washington voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing marijuana  — a move that could put penalty-free pot within an hour's drive of Baltimore — the ballot initiative faces an uncertain future. U.S. Rep. Andy Harris from Maryland  immediately vowed to fight the measure in Congress, which must approve such laws in the nation's capital.

What’s Your Take? Should Congress respect the rights and wishes of voters and allow D.C.’s marijuana legalization to stand?



1. Jesse said...

Tip to Andy Harris. They smoke pot in Maryland too!

2. Mark said...

The voters have spoken.Congress has much more serious issues to deal with.

3. Manchild said...

This guy needs to sit down.We have too many locked up for weed possession.

4. Tera Ellis said...

Why not. I'd say yes! It's not hurting anyone and they legalized it in many states, and growing it at plants so yes!

5. long time listener said...

They are so afraid that Chocolate City brothers will not be locked up for what White people do all over thethe country.

6. Latonya said...

Congress needs to back off

7. Trudy said...


8. Phil+G. said...

Its interesting how people will scream about states' rights as long as they agree with the agenda.

This is about normal people. Its along the same lines of drinking. Legalize it, tax it like they do other things. Politicians love new tax money.

While its not my thing, I'd rather it be legalized, drop the prison population, and let us put the more serious offenders in and leave them in.

It'll also legalize medicinal MJ.

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