Sunday, October 26, 2014

Princesses Drop F-Bombs to Support Feminism

A viral video featuring young girls between the ages 6 and 13 in princess costumes speaking out against sexual assault and gender inequality has drawn criticism from various organizations, some of whom believe that having young girls swear and discuss sexual assault is akin to child abuse. The video has grabbed the attention of a lot of people across the country, with many critics focusing less on the message and more on the controversial nature of the delivery. The director has stated that “the whole idea was using a bad word for a good cause to get people’s attention. The reason we did use the ‘F’ word is because we want people to focus on statistics like one out of five women will be raped or sexually assaulted in their lifetime, or the fact that women and men doing the exact same job, the woman gets paid 23 percent less than men. In 2014, that’s what’s shocking, not the ‘F’ word.”

What’s Your Take? How do you feel about the use of young girls in this campaign? Has the message been obscured by nature of the delivery?

Viewer discretion is advised.(Language)



1. Claire said...

It got the attention and most kids unfortunately have heard and said much worse.

2. Grace said...

Not sure if the parents believe in the cause or believe in the mighty dollar.

3. Jesse said...

Shock Value Period.

4. Trudy said...

Seems like the cause is less about feminism and more about selling T shirts

5. Aaron said...

Much to do about nothing

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