Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's Your Take?

Fired from his job at an Oklahoma food processing plant, Alton Nolan returned to the plant and beheaded a female employee and stabbed another before being shot several times by the company’s CEO.  The beheading has raised questions despite the fact that officials initially said no terror link was evident. The FBI has been called in due to information involving his criminal past and what has been described by some as radical social media posts. He had been reportedly trying in past weeks to convert co- workers to Islam. More than 3,000 people have died from workplace homicide between 2006 and 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What’s Your Take? Was this a case of workplace violence or do you think it was a more sinister act of terrorism as some have suggested?



1. James said...

This was another case of a brother going off after being fired.This guy was mad,,He won't trying to kill himself.

2. Long Time Listener said...

Remember Timothy McVeigh in OK, He was a Christian and he was a terrorist.There is no evidence I have heard pointing to terrorism

3. Tonia said...

Workplace violence

4. Tera Ellis said...

Everybody is going crazy! People killing each other everywhere.

5. Cameron said...

He had a Jesus tattoo and claimed to be Muslim.Probably neither and what does religion have to do with this horrific crime?

6. Kathy said...

Black and suspected Muslim.Are we surprised that he is being profiled.Never has the religion of a killer been a factor unless you are Muslim

7. Tonia said...

This is another example of bigotry.This man is a murderer probably with serious mental health issues. This is why we need to vote in the mid term elections. This era of fear of anyone not white is perpetuated by right wing but jobs. The killers of kids in that school and theater were categorized as "Troubled"

8. Jerome said...

Workplace violence. He is obviously disturbed

9. Penn said...

Do you know whether I have to change my address to vote because I moved or can I go back to my old polling place.Don't want my vote for Preston Brown to be wasted.

10. Willie Carlisle said...

The employee was expressing Islamic extremest views which lead to his being fired. The beheading of one of his coworkers only confirmed that this guy was a time bomb ready to go off. Being fired only lit the fuse of an explosion that was already in the making.

11. January said...

Just curious if anyone has been fired for Christian views?

12. Grace said...

@ Penn Contact the Virginia Dept of Elections for answers to your questions. I applaud you for not waiting until the last minute to make sure your vote counts!
Telephone: (804) 864-8901
Toll Free: (800) 552-9745
FAX: (804) 371-0194

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