Sunday, September 07, 2014

Are Emily and Greg Still More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal?

Racial Discrimination is still alive, and a recent story reveals just how a first name can play a factor in the employment world. When José Zamora changed his name to Joe he started to receive replies from every opening he applied for. A study done back in early 2000’s found out that individuals who had “white sounding names" had 50% more interview callbacks than those with “black sounding names”. Another study revealed that some interviewees admitted to altering their resumes to conceal their race or tone down their level of “blackness.”   

What’s Your Take? Do you know of a situation where a “black sounding name” or perceived stereotype has been a hindrance in the workplace?  



1. Nubian Brother said...

It is still wrong but it is still true.Jamal and Shontae may not get a call back,but its not about the name,its just about them knowing you are Black before they meet you.Having a White Name may help get you in the door,but at what price? That's why we have have a self esteem problem. We should name our kids anything we want and find a way to push the doors open.

2. Paul said...

Emily,Brad,Buffy and Jody too.

3. Trudy said...

Jose won't get the job once he walks in

4. Lawrence said...

We should not to deny our Blackness. I think some names are more stupid than Black. Naming your child after a car or cocktail is stupid,but we all have a right to be stupid but Lakishas and Davons should be treated the same. The problem is we need more people that look like us in the hiring departments.

5. Friend of a Friend said...

Summer and Heather before Cristol and Tangueray

6. Tonia said...

Have you noticed how my name is spelled? LOL Yes, Buffy and Jody would be ahead of me.

7. Curious said...

R U Serious?

8. Manchild said...

I wonder if there are stats on hiring of light skinned vs dark skinned people with the same credentials?

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