Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show Today


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We will not be in the studio live this week. Check out the spirited conversation on the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson MO. from our August 20th broadcast.

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1. Trudy said...

AHHHH Shucks! Been waiting for you. Enjoy

2. long time listener said...

I think changes will be made in Ferguson but we should all wait to see what the investigation reveals.I hope we will stop jumping to conclusions. Radio and TV have over killed with this for three weeks.A distraction from all of the other issues affecting Black people.

3. Jesse said...

Have You heard about this? I attached the article.

Reports that 11 commercial jetliners are missing from the main airport in Libya's capital of Tripoli are raising fears that militants could use them in terrorist attacks to mark the 13th anniversary of 9/11 next week.

4. Mona said...

We still don't know answers from 9/11/2001.I hope we don't have a repeat and hope we are on guard from ISIS

5. Jerome said...

I think this is no coincidence .Agree with Jesse.Are you planning to talk about 9 11.I remember the great show you did a few years back.

6. Trudy said...

9 11 is also the anniversary of the attacks of the US embassy in Libya.

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