Tuesday, September 02, 2014

What's Next For Michael Sam?

The St. Louis Rams announced Saturday that Michael Sam didn’t make the team’s 53-man roster.  Many analysts believe the rookie defensive end still has a shot at a career in the NFL. “I can play in this league,” Sam told reporters after his NFL debut, a 26-24 loss to the Saints earlier this month. If another team doesn’t pick him up, he might end up back where he started: with the Rams, as part of their 10-member practice squad, the Washington Post reported.

What’s Your Take? Does Michael Sam have what it takes to be in the NFL? Do you think another team will pick him up this year?



1. Manchild said...

He will never play in the NFL,maybe in Canada,not because he is gay but because he is not big or quick enough.

2. Grayson said...

He had his 15 minutes of fame.

3. Jesse said...

It is hard to make an NFL team and even harder to make it under these circumstances.

4. RobertBrown said...

Coach Dungy told the truth. Most coaches just don't want to deal with the distraction.

5. Biggie Big said...

Micheal is a good athelete, he play defensive end at Missouri, and was a great pass rusher, but because his lack of size, he's to small to play that position in the NFL and at this time he dosen't have the agility to play a linebacker in the NFL.

6. long time listener said...

Just heard that Sam is heading to the Cowboys practice squad.

7. Cameron said...

Would we be talking about him being cut and making the PRACTICE team of the Cowboys if he wasn't gay?

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