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Common Core Standards are a set of academic standards in Math and English Language Arts and Literacy developed with a goal of consistent goals across states. A recent poll has revealed that a majority of Americans oppose these national standards. The most common reason parents gave for opposing the standards was a belief that they will limit teachers' flexibility.

What’s Your Take? Do you support a national set of academic standards for public schools?



1. Rhonda Fleming said...

Common Core will only work if the feds put some money behind it for the school systems that are failing now.

2. Jesse said...

I agree with Rhonda.No Child Left Behind set unfunded mandates and we know how that turned out. Sounds good but not doable with this congress

3. Tank said...

No,states need to control based on local needs.On another note,how can I get VIP seating tonight in the reserved section you were in last show.Thanks for helping to bring the Delfonics back.Looking forward to seeing you again

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