Sunday, August 10, 2014

What's Your Take?

President Obama authorized "targeted" air strikes last Thursday to protect American interests in Iraq from insurgent forces that are taking over the country’s northern cities. The President stated that "As commander in chief, I will not allow the United States to be drawn into fighting another war in Iraq." “Today, America is coming to help; the U.S. cannot turn a blind eye.” Senator John McCain feels that President Obama’s limited strikes on ISIS in northern Iraq are “pinpricks” that are “meaningless” and “worse than nothing.”

Do you agree with President Obama's decision to authorize air strikes against ISIS terrorists in Iraq?



1. Curious said...

Yes I do agree but what about the hundreds of people who escaped a Boko Haram attack on their town in Nigeria's restive north and fled to a nearby mountain and said on Saturday they were without any food.

"We are in distress. We need help,"

"We have been starving for the past four days. We are surviving now on wild fruits,"

2. Lewis said...

Is it to protect American interest or is it humanitarian?I say its still only about our interests and we have no interest in Africa

3. Wendell sauls said...

Obama just said the reason why he took all forces out of Iraq was because that government didn't agree to have given immunity to our US forces from their judicial system.

He is lying through his teeth the reason is! 1.during campaign obama said iraq was a bad war and was going to take all troops out. 2. He didn't renegotiate SOFA agreement bush had with iraq. Then Obama goes on to say the reason a supporting force will be left in Afghanistan is that so the gains will be protected and the people want us there.

This president is incapable of telling truths because it goes against his agenda. As you see since Obama been in office the Muslim brotherhood, Hama's, and ISIS all have taken over the middle east.

Obama helped them gain that power because he alone took out key allies khaddafy in Libya and the president of Egypt and standing by while Iran build more nuclear material and getting stronger.

Syria president Assad destroying all who oppose him with over 250K being killed while Russia is supporting both of them while and Obama is powerless to stop him.

Now you do notice who is smack dab in the middle yep you guessed it ISREAL so who is in the middle east convincing folks to leave isreal alone NOBODY! and that's the entire middle east plan of Obama and his administration.

4. long time listener said...

The US created this mess and we should clean it up.

5. Jonah said...

I agree

6. Junior said...

I agree with Curious.Can we do anything to help the poor suffering Nigerians

7. Horace said...

I agree with McCain.This is only a bandaid

8. Jesse said...

Clearly American interests are threatened if this group is allowed to escalate.This is not just about Iraq. We have a responsibility to respond. This should not in any way excuse the need for humanitarian assistance in other parts of the region.

9. Stan said...

Wendell makes sense.

10. Manchild said...

John McCain should just sit down and shut up. He has never seen a was he didn't like.

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