Sunday, July 20, 2014

What's Your Take On Stricter Gun Control Laws?

A recent poll has revealed that Americans are split down the middle when it comes to whether we need stricter gun control laws.
What’s Your Take? Do you support or oppose stricter gun control laws in the United States?




1. Kevin said...

Guns are as easy to get as a burger at McDonald's. Support

2. Big Mac said...

We need some controls.This "guns everywhere" mentality has to go.

3. Barry said...

I think we need stricter laws,but Congress has shown no interest in this at all

4. Patriot said...

I am in opposition. As long as criminals have illegal access to guns ,I will fight for guns for protection of legal American citizens.

5. SPBC/VSU TROJAN said...

Yes There should be.How uncomfortable must the shoppers in Carytown must have felt when those young kids were walking around with rifles.I wonder how to he police would despond if some young Black males walked the street after dark strapped?

6. California Dreamer said...

As long as bad guys have guns,good guys NEED guns.I oppose

7. David said...

I support stricter laws.You should not be able to buy a rifle in Walmart along with a pound of baloney.

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