Sunday, June 01, 2014

To Marry Or Not?

June, July and  August is traditionally Wedding Season…..and usually by now I would have received several wedding invitations.  Well, more couples seem to be testing the waters by living together first. Cohabitation is more common and has increased by nearly 900 percent over the last 50 years.  U.S. Census data from 2012 revealed that 7.8 million couples were living together without saying “I do”, compared to 2.9 million in 1996.  Studies seem to give conflicting  results when it comes to whether the wait to marry will reduce the chance of divorce later.
What’s your take? Is marriage becoming more and more a thing of the past for couples living together? Do you think living together before marriage will reduce the odds of divorce?



1. Jill said...

Marriage is going down as our moral fiber continues to decay

2. Danielle said...

There is no upside. Cheaper to shack

3. Louis said...

Young people seem to be less focused on commitment. They are less dependent on someone to take care of them

4. Manchild said...

Why buy the cow when the milk and steaks are free?

5. Lawrence said...

There will be a whole generation of kids with no concept of marriage and the cycle goes on. I hope not.If you start a relationship planning for a fail, you will probably fail.

6. Tia said...

I have been married for five years and would not have considered giving my self emotionally,spiritually and financial without the security afforded by marriage.

7. Cookie said...

Relationships are just as vulnerable married or not. Living together is just another level of stress on marriage.

8. David said...

I would rather test the waters first.

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