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Described by some as an adult version Kool-Aid, powdered alcohol may be available soon.  Palcohol is pending approval by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.  Palcohol is dehydrated vodka or rum inside a little air-tight package.

 What are your thoughts? Is powdered alcohol a good idea?


1. Cameron said...

I prefer my alcohol in the liquid form lol.Where is my girl Coffee?

2. DJ Hurt said...

Who is this for ? Walking around with a kool aid packet? Sounds like some niche marketing to our community

3. Jesse said...

Powdered alcohol makes no sense.Thanks for sharing Tanya

4. DEAN said...


5. RobertBrown said...

Not a good idea

6. Tonia said...

This will only lead to trouble. Not sure how,but surely will.

7. Louis said...

Just heard the show. Sorry you didn't have another hour. Just getting good.

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