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Black History Month 2014 is a time to recognize and honor the rich history of our African American pioneers. It is also an opportunity to recognize our current day Black History Makers. We invite you to honor those making a difference in your community at

Submit and post a Local Community based Black History Maker deserving of recognition @ or email your submission to be posted to


1. Claire said...

I would like to nominate from Radio Ms. Tanya Free and from TV Ms. Antoinette Essa

2. Cameron said...

You make Black History 365 and lead by example. TANYA FREE

3. David said...

I would like to recognize Richmond Mayor Reverend Dwight C Jones

4. Travis said...


5. Long Time Listener said...

You are a business owner,radio host and more importantly own your content.There are not many people that own their radio show and production house.Your bio says it all. Congratulations!

6. RobertBrown said...

Do we really need Black History Month? I say yes,but here is an article worth reading from Aisha Harris. I wonder how your panel would respond! "Each Black History Month brings with it new ponderings of a seemingly eternal question: Do we really need a Black History Month? The voice of God himself, Morgan Freeman, thinks the answer is no. And he’s not alone. There’s even a documentary film that actively rallies for the demise of the holiday."

7. ManChild said...

Who in the hell thinks its ok to support a fight between George Zimmerman and DMX? And this is Black History Month. DMZ allowing Zimmerman to continue to profit over the death of Trayvon Martin. Dam Shame

8. Jon said...

Ray Boone,Ervin Clarke,Jack Green and Tanya Free for providing black News in Richmond

9. LaToya said...

Black History month has become commercialized just like Christmas and now MLK day. The networks and theaters put out black products so we can spend our hard earned Black dollars. I say we celebrate this month by spending dollars only in our community. Hell,if you have to go to McDonalds,find a Black owned one. Let's make a difference. Don't allow them to pimp us any more

10. Grace said...

I agree with Long Time Listener!

11. Curious said...

Why Black History Month? Why would you want to be segregated? I thought that was what MLK was about.

12. Trudy said...

Curious is an asshole!

13. Guy said...

The much maligned Al Sharp ton marches on despite his detractors

14. Long Time Fan said...

Beautiful woman this poem is for you
Full of beauty and grace
Rare black Queen sitting high on your throne
No one can take your place
Your heart is full of pure gold
Never to be played with
Bought or sold
Your Love is Patient Your Love is kind
Always trying to bring joy to others even when you can’t do it for yourself
And keeping them close in mind
A good woman is what you are
A woman to whom is proud of who she is and what she stands for
Never seeking definition from whom she is with
A strong woman is what I see when I look at you
One who can pick up the small pieces of her broken heart
And carry on as if she was never hurt in the first place.
When talking about this woman I can’t help but smile
Knowing the woman that I can speak so highly of is you.
Happy Black History Month

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