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Before you dress for work today, you might want to check with your HR Department for "What Not To Wear." A lesson former CFO Melphine Evans learned after reportedly being dismissed for wearing “ethnic clothing and ethnic hairstyles that made her colleagues uncomfortable.    

What’s Your Take? Should ethnic attire or hairstyles be grounds for termination? Is there anything in your closet that could jeopardize your job?



1. Cameron said...

Rules are rule,especially in the private sector.

2. Trudy said...

I wonder if she interviewed dressed that way?

3. James said...

Hair should not be grounds ,but clothes should meet dress code

4. Dean said...

What happened to freedom of expression? I work with girls that dress like they are on the way to a pole dancing class

5. C. A. Griffin said...

How does a hairstyle or mode of ethnic dress make you a threat? Come on braids? Dreds? A Mohawk? A sarong? A Dashiki? A Tunic? While admittedly, there is a certain style typing that needs to be adhered to in the corporate arena (yes arena – the higher up the ladder you go, the more you become warrior like – yes I said it). If you are made aware of those stipulations at the date of hire and given a clear list that identifies acceptable modes of dress and style, then you should dress according to the rules. If you are not comfortable with those rules then don't accept the job. However, to be discriminated against because of it, should not be allowed. As an HR person, how do you translate that in a job offer without offending the potential new hire? There is probably not any way to do it without offending someone.

I have gone from wearing my hair to blown out and straight to naturally curly/wavy. No problem there. Dress is business casual; jeans on Friday; no micro minis, no itsy-bitsy tops; no leggings and flip flops; shorts or tank tops; no facial piercings - the list applies to men and women. Ok got that covered. We are given a list at the date of hire and we are reminded when summer comes on what we can wear. If you transgress you're warned. Was this CFO aware of the dress/hair code when she was hired? Did the dress code/hair code change and was she and others at the company warned? Was she singled out and others allowed to bend/break the rules anyway? Did she refuse to comply? Obviously, I haven't read the story, so I don’t know. But the questions can be rhetorically applied to us all who find the story to be a concern.

However, outside of carrying a weapon and using a threatening attitude to go along with said ethnic attire and hairstyle, how are you threatened by it? Really? So what you're afraid my braids or Dreds are going to transform into Medusa like serpents and hiss at you while you munch on that stinky tuna sandwich? Are you worried that if I sneeze, my mo/faux hawk hair spikes may come loose and fly across the office and hit you? Will the bright colors of my attire cause you to wear your shades in the office? Perhaps, it is the loose and open sleeves of my sarong or dashiki hide a weapon? Are you afraid I’m carrying a blade in my Afro or maybe you’re afraid of my Afro pick? Will my multi-piercings invoke your trypophobia?

Maybe we all need to take a step back and understand that ethnic pride is not a harmful thing and that sometimes fitting in is not such a bad thing either. Now excuse me I have to go find my reindeer head band and glowing nose for the office Christmas Party. - CAG

6. Rose said...

I would appreciate ethnic wear compared to the hoochie wear that permeates my workplace.

7. Jesse said...

Looks like this will be a hot topic when you guys return.

8. Tracey said...

How can clothes make someone else feel uncomfortable?

9. ManChild said...

Is anyone surprised? This is BP that we are talking about

10. Prada said...

absolutely not.hope this topic makes your about expectaions of dress when it comes to men versus women,since the workforce is dominated by males?

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