Sunday, November 24, 2013 Weekly Poll

Addressing the nation from the State Dining Room Saturday, President Obama said that the United States -- together with close allies and partners -- has taken an important first step toward a comprehensive solution that addresses concerns with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program. Secretary of State John Kerry stated,”If this first step leads to what is our ultimate goal – which is a comprehensive agreement – that will make the world safer.” Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting Sunday morning that "What was achieved last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement. It was a historic mistake. Today the world becomes a much more dangerous place….”

What’s Your Take? Will this agreement lead to a safer or more dangerous world?


1. Long Time Listener said...

I am not sure how and if this will eventually pan out ,but believe this diplomatic option is the correct first step.

2. Jesse said...

Any time an effort has a chance to achieve peace ,we should try. I think it will lead to a safer world.

3. Curious said...

McCain and Graham also reiterated their call to their fellow members of Congress Tuesday night to keep the pressure on Iran's rulers by continuing with bipartisan sanctions legislation.

“We remain skeptical of the Iranian regime's seriousness in negotiations to dismantle and destroy its nuclear weapons capability, and we reiterate our strong view that any interim agreement with Iran must result in tangible steps that demonstrate that Iran is prepared to abandon its pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability," the senators said in a press release.I share their skepticism.

4. Ready said...


5. RobertBrown said...

We will know in six months,until then I withhold judgment.

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