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Mounting pressure to change the nickname of the Washington Redskins has put the spotlight on other teams including college and high schools to remove discriminatory nicknames .Attend a Coachella Valley High School football game in Southern California and you may be surprised to see belly dancers performing at halftime shows. Spectators also will find a black-bearded mascot wearing a headscarf urging fans to root for the team. Some school alumni have defended the “ARAB” mascot, saying it’s a matter of pride.

What’s your take? Is it time to remove discriminatory mascots from all sports?


1. David said...

Way Past Time!

2. gary norris gray said...

You know where I stand on this issue THE NAME HAS TO GO being African America/Native American Indian I've felt it from both sides. Its the same as the N-word for African Americans. I've written the NFL, The Commissioner and the owner about this issue. Radio Stations like WCLM has to keep up the pressure before it will change. this is the 3rd time and I hope the last time the American public has to discuss this issue. you can read my articles on Gary Norris Gray

3. Wilbert said...

This is disgraceful.

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