Sunday, October 20, 2013 Weekly Poll

The recent shutdown has exposed the deep divide in the Republican Party thanks to Tea Party favorites like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. A recent article has questioned what happened to the RNC pledge after the Romney loss to engage with minority voters and support more candidates of color.
What’s Your Take? Would a more diverse Republican Party minimize the influence of its extreme right wing faction? Is the GOP tent big enough to embrace more than a handful of Black Republicans?


1. ManChild said...

They are just Bat Sh*t Crazy as hell.There ain't enough Black folks stupid or gullible enough to stand with them to make a difference.

2. Willie+Carlisle said...

Personally Tanya, I think the Republican Party is on life support and Ted Cruz and his ilk is about to pull the plug. Their fight use to be against the Democrats but as we have seen recently they are fighting with themselves. These people will primary a moderate candidate and expect the people to actually elect a clinically insane person. Ted Cruz obviously slipped through the cracks in Texas but with 5 years to go in his term, he's going to guarantee that a democrat wins that seat. I really don't think that their tent is big enough to accommodate anyone else and much less people of color. If we use the treatment of President Obama as a measuring stick, a person of color would have to be crazy or bought off as in the case of Ben Carson, to ever openly identify themselves publicly as being part of this insane group of people

3. Jesse said...

Ben Carson,Allen West,Herman Cain and Tim Scott have taken every seat in the tent for Blacks.Cruz and Rubio have front seats in the Latino section of the tent,No more Blacks ,Gays or Hispanics needed

4. Dean said...

Neva,neva,neva,the Party of Lincoln is no more

5. Tonia said...

Don't believe that anything is going to calm down the crazy right wingers except an election.

6. Casper said...

I agree with Willie.The in fighting will eventually cost the the House and they will have no choice but to move to the center.

7. Lisa Fountain said...

I think both parties need to engage minority voters.The Democrat's only advantage is that they are not as bad as the Republicans.
Love the show Tanya!

8. Party Machine said...

The GOP could use a straight talker like you.

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