Friday, August 30, 2013

Kerry calls attack against Syrian civilians 'crime against humanity'

Making a forceful case to answer a "crime against conscience," Secretary of State John Kerry declared Friday that the U.S. had a moral obligation to punish Syria for using chemical weapons — painting a ghastly portrait of twitching bodies, victims foaming at the mouth and row upon row of children gassed to death.


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1. Black Knight said...

Here we go again!

2. Lawrence said...

Why is it that we never have moral outrage over conditions here in America?

3. RobertBrown said...

We should not go alone

4. Curious said...

Why Syria and not North Korea?You talked weeks ago about Lil Kim and his threats to us and his people.

5. Trudy said...

I agree with Lawrence.Just look at Iraq afghanistam and Egypt.Violence continues even though we intervened. We need to slow our roll.

6. Rodney said...

This is a no win situation for Obama.The Republicans are waiting to see what he wants to do so they can oppose him and Hillary in 2016.

7. Louis Farmer said...

Found the show by accident this morning.Was grooving with Miles Davis and thought the transition to Chaka Khan was strange until the show started.Who knew? I know now.Thanks 4 what you do.

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