Monday, August 19, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Thinks People Living in Public Housing Should Be Fingerprinted:

Mayor Bloomberg suggested Friday that New York City public housing residents should be fingerprinted as a way to fight crime in the system's 334 buildings."The people that live there, most of them, want more police protection... If you have strangers walking in the halls of your apartment building, don’t you want somebody to stop and say, ‘Who are you? Why’re you here? What we really should have is fingerprinting to get in....."

What's Your Take on the Mayor's suggestion?


1. Jesse said...

Bloomberg has nothing to lose. He is a lame duck and is showing his true colors

2. Lawrence said...

I am sick and tired of his paternalistic racist tone.

3. Raymond said...

Another asinine statement from a complete asshole

4. Cameron said...

What about the conversation that prejudice plus power is racism?Perfect example of what racism looks like in 2013.They no longer have to hide under hoods sheets.

5. RobertBrown said...

True Colors

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