Friday, August 16, 2013

92-Year-Old Sues North Carolina Over New Voter Suppression

When Rosanell Eaton was 21 years old and living in segregated North Carolina, she became one of the first African Americans in her county registered to vote, after successfully completing a literacy test that required her to recite the preamble to the Constitution. But now, at 92 years old, she faces new obstacles under the voter suppression law signed by Gov. Pat McCrory (R) Monday. For one thing, she may not qualify for the voter ID card required under the new law, because the name on her birth certificate is different from the name on her driver’s license and voter registration card. Reconciling this difference will be a costly and time-consuming administrative endeavor. For another, she has participated in early voting since it was instituted in the state. Now, it’s been cut back a week. Read the full story from ThinkProgress HERE!


1. Jesse said...

92 years of Living Life With A Purpose.We should never complain about anything.Our youg people need to take a lesson from her.

2. RobertBrown said...

Fed Up and Fired Up!

3. Trudy said...

Fed Up and Fired Up!

4. James said...

What a way to start the weekend! Thanks Tanya!

5. ManChild said...

Fired Up and Fired Up!

6. Grace said...

Mama said "It's Disgusting" Fed Up and Fired Up! I love it!

7. Bryant said...


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