Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show

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This week’s topics include:

  • What you need to know about stop and frisk — and why the courts shut it down
  • How do you define racism?
  • Why do you think African American owned businesses are struggling even though African American buying power is projected to reach 1 Trillion dollars by 2015? Views Weekly Poll

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1. Scotty said...

It was very hard to listen to one of your panel members spew racist propaganda but understand the power media to control the minds of some people. He sound like the racist Federal judge Judge Edith Jones, a right-wing firebrand who sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit who among other things said "Blacks and Hispanics get involved in more violent crime. A death sentence is a service to defendants because it allows them to make peace with God. Defenses offered in capital cases, including mental retardation and systemic racism, are red herrings and Mexicans would rather be on death row in the U.S. than in prison in Mexico."

He credited Stop & Frisk with lowering the crime rate but the crime rate is at 30 year lows all across the country and one New York Council member attributed the drop in crime to the work of anti-violence groups and tax payer money being invested in community outreach programs.

It is just shameful that some us are so quick to believe the worst about us but don't express similar views towards the US government which has waged endless wars to support the military industrial complex.

2. Cameron said...

I agree with Scotty. What is it with this Mouse. Does he really believe his BS?

3. Jesse said...

Prejudice plus power equals racism.Period!

4. Trudy said...

Couldn't wait to get home to say that this show could have gone on for two more hours. Your new panelist Danny was on point.You continue to build up the talent pool.

5. Curious said...

Why are opposing views bashed on this show. Is Mouse only only the show to give the false appearance of balance? Not when its 10 to 1.

6. James said...

Great panel discussion.Mouse and Danny = ying and yang.How can the panel be so intelligent yet not know the difference between prejudice and institutional racism.

7. Lane said...

Why not invite Steve to come on the panel? And I want video! lol

8. Stan said...

You are all racist

9. Dennis said...

Anyone can have racist feelings,but unless you possess the power to influence,you are a wannabe racist.

10. Warren said...

Racism is alive and well on the set of Tanya Free and Friends.You should all be ashamed.

11. Junior said...

Mouse and the new guy are like oil and water. Tim seems to be the voice of reason and didn't stand a chance. lol Great show guys.

12. Jean said...

Is that Sonji from Hull Street Imani?I see she moved from Praise 104

13. Courtney said...

I was listening to your jazz on LIVE 365 and then BAM comes this hell of a talk show. The energy and candor here is sorely lacking on most talk radio. I am a fan and am now locked in.Tried to call and realized it was a tape delay. Please feel free to add me to your contact list. Love the site as well

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