Monday, August 12, 2013

What's Your Take?

Last week’s discussion of a poll that revealed that Americans, including African Americans, believe that African Americans are more racist than whites or Hispanics has sparked the question of how we define racism in the 21st century. Definitions of racism range from the belief of inherent superiority of a particular race to simply racial prejudice or discrimination. Many people also equate racism with the practice and advocacy of discrimination. The question of whether African Americans in general have the power to influence and or enforce institutional racism is the focus of my question this week.

What’s Your Take? How do you define racism? Do you think African Americans really have the power to discriminate and the ability to be racist?


1. Henry said...

We can have prejudices as a people. There are very few African Americans in a position to influence institutional racism

2. Jesse said...

Racism equals prejudice plus power. Blacks have no power and cannot be racist

3. Trudy said...

This poll is not accurate.How the hell can we be more racist than our oppressors.I am shocked that Black people are not really angry.

4. Heaven said...

Racism equals prejudice plus power.

5. kathy said...

Critical Race Theory (CRT) “recognizes that racism is engrained in the fabric and system of the American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture.”

6. Barry said...

This how I define racism...Ted Nugent Says He’s “Anti-Racist,” Then Compares Black People to Dangerous Dogs, Check out the article attached

7. RobertBrown said...

We know that we can't discriminate against anyone, Hell Oprah wasn't allowed to touch a pocketbook in Switzerland

8. Grace said...

What Americans were polled? How many Blacks? This is ridiculous. White people have a monopoly on racism. We share our prejudices.

9. Willie+Carlisle said...

Blacks do not have the power nor the resources to be racist. Racism is a system of depriving a race of people of the basic rights given to the citizens with power. For years the laws of this country allowed racist practices to be the law of the land. Arresting Rosa Park for not giving her seat to a white man was a good example of racist practices.

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