Friday, August 09, 2013

In The Game With Venus Williams

How to stay in the game with Venus Williams


1. Grace said...

Thanks for sharing this Tanya. We have watched these two sisters grow into much more than athletes. They are prepared for life after tennis and in a big way!

2. Jesse said...

Class Act

3. Tonia said...

"Being confident and comfortable in your own skin" and when asked how to you get up when you are down "Pretend that you were never down"
Words of wisdom from an exceptional person.Tanya,thanks for some inspiration in the midst of all that is wrong and crazy in this world. You are appreciated for all that you do.You too are a shining example and role model for us all and especially young girls that dream of doing what you do.

4. Henry said...

Living Life With A Purpose!

5. RobertBrown said...

I echo all of the comments.But let's remember that Tanya Free is also in the game and WINNING!

6. Raymond said...

Great interview with VenusLooking forward to Jazz in Richmond today.Bringing my umbrella .Try to stay dry! I remember you talking about being there last year.

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