Monday, August 05, 2013

What's Your Take?

 The superintendent of an Arkansas school district recently submitted a proposal that would allow teachers and janitors to carry 9mm handguns on campus in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook. School Teachers and other staff members reportedly underwent 53 hours of training during the summer.

What’s Your Take on armed school staff? Parents, how do you feel about sending your child to a school where the teachers are armed with 9mm handguns? Teachers, how do you feel about accepting the additional duty of an armed security guard?


1. Baye Kambui said...

Addressing the problem of troubled individuals who have easy access to weapons by arming teachers and janitors seems as if we're addressing the problem from the wrong end...

song currently stuck in my head: "I am the black gold of the sun" - the decoders

2. David said...

This is a nightmare.Now does armed janitors work?

3. David said...

I should have said "how"

4. Jesse said...

I agree with Baye,more guns in the bldg.will not stop nuts coming in with guns.

5. Karen said...

So we want our kids growing up in schools with teachers with gun holsters?I am a teacher and did not sign up for this

6. marilyn! said...

No hugs or God in school but guns? It seems we need the former two instead of the latter. Do not arm our stressed out over worked teachers at school.

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