Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Elect Barack Obama


1. kweli Leapart said...

With the advent of the election of this country’s first Black American to the highest office in the land, president of the United States of America, I feel that the country has been jettisoned through about 100 years. I never imagined that I would see this landmark event in my lifetime. I was pleasantly mistaken.

I feel like I have been vindicated. Vindicated from what? Vindicated from being made to feel inferior to others or less fit to rule my own life and decide my own destiny. I try to rise above the negative intents of others. The election of Mr. Obama justified my participation in SCLC marches and sit-ins, and made them right-thing-to-do efforts. I felt the ease of pain, relief if you will, from the hurt emotions and demeaning results of denial of job opportunities in the general workplaces as well as in the performing arts where my passion rests. I felt like the economic exclusion dealt me and my people for years was not all removed but leveled enough for us to go forth and succeed. At 65 years old, I feel like I have more hope even in the midst of the economic climate we now find ourselves than ever. I am inspired again. I am hopeful again. I feel like it’s now profitable spiritually and worldly to try again. I do not exclude my own responsibility for where I currently find myself.

I have a jumbled up set of emotions that I have not quite sorted out. However, no matter what they are, I feel more positive about my life in America. As we face tough economic times, I feel like I can handle the challenge because I have an ally at the top – not because he is a Black man, but a just and fair man who also SMART. I never lost faith in my God, but I had lost faith in the land I call home and the leadership of it. I had come to the realization that our government was owned and operated by whoever had the most money, influence or credit. Of course I didn’t have either; thus a feeling of powerlessness existed. The feelings I am experiencing really are not founded upon the amount of money or influence or good or bad credit I wield, rather upon the sense that social and emotional shackles are unlocked and centurions are now dismissed from their posts – posts to which they were assigned to guard -- the portals that would enable me and those like me to go forward.

All of the anger and hatred I once held toward those who hated me without a cause, who restricted me without a cause, who denied me without a cause, who looked down upon me and other Black people seemed less important as I watched and listened to Barack Obama accept the office of president. Oh what a feeling. I found myself smiling and I felt the warmth of the tears that just flowed down my full dark brown cheeks. I was pleased. I was overwhelmed. I was just plain beside myself.

I believe God uses people to carry good messages to others. I believe that Barack Obama is just another one of those people. He’s not the second coming of Christ. Just a clearly appointed messenger, as I believe we all should strive to be. We can hear from God and pass His messages on to others. The messages of hope and love and cooperation and generosity and selflessness we can pass on to each other.

To be blessed is to be happy and at peace. May America and all her citizens be blessed and possess the pure desire to pray for the blessings of the citizens of the world.

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