Monday, September 10, 2012


The Department of Agriculture reports that nearly 1 in 7 Americans participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the food stamp program known as SNAP. Some health care advocates and politicians are pushing to discontinue food stamp purchases for items high in salt, fat or sugar. SNAP reform bills are pending in nine states that would restrict the purchase of soda, potato chips and chewing gum.
What’s your take? Should the government limit consumer decisions in the grocery store?

Will excluding unhealthy choices make participants healthier?


1. Jesse said...

More big brother. NO

2. Tim said...

Good healthcare and affordable preventive medicine will make people healthy.

3. Gerald said...


4. Benita said...

It won't necessarily make them healthier but it is a start. But we need to find a way to make healthy foods more affordable. I buy healthy foods (low in sodium, sugar, and fats) for my family and it has a huge impact on my bottom line. But to prevent major health issues, I feel that I have no options. The foods that are bad for our bodies are cheap so those SNAP dollars go a lot further buying those items. Maybe the solution to controlling what is allowable under SNAP is to also increase the amount so that those people can afford more healthy options. I thought it was a victory for SNAP recipients when they were given the ability to use those benefits at farmer's markets. I wonder if those markets have seen an increase in traffic.

5. JJ said...

The is just another example of government intrusion. The article says that the food companies will only find a way to repackage to meet guidelines.You cannot force people to do anything.

6. Ben said...

Michael Bloomberg thinks anything and anybody can be bought and trained to his idea of what the world should be.

7. Requel said...

This is intrustion by the government and no I do not think this will make the situation on health any better. Whether SNAP recipeients or not people are going to purchase what they want and there should'nt be any stipulations on it.It's bad enough that people are forced to have to apply for the benefits nonetheless be penalyzed for what they're purchasing with it.

8. Tina+Thomas said...

As far as the government getting into what a person purchases off of the card I think that it is a tad bit too much. They have bigger fish to fry i.e. creating jobs for the individuals that are on the SNAP program to begin with. Let the department of Health keep advertising and informing individuals of the risks involved with unhealthy consumption. You can take a horse to water does not mean that he is going to drink it. There are individuals here from other countries who eat half born chickens for dinner, some individuals eat squirrel and some eat chicken that is a matter of choice. It's like someone giving you a gift for Christmas and getting mad because you let your sister wear it. Once you give or choose to help don't inform them of how they can use it.

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