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The Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show is heard on WQCN 105.3 in Central Virginia,WMXP  95.5 FM in Greenville SC,,AMFM 247 Network Nationwide, The New Orleans Talk Network,The Power Talk Network,Peachtree Radio FM and May We Help You Radio Network.  streaming LIVE on Tunein.com,Black Talk Radio Network and TanyaFree.com @ 2pm ET/1C. Watch us LIVE on The Tanya Free and Friends Webcam  @ usteamtv, TanyaFree.com, FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.Check out the Listen page on TanyaFree.com for times and schedules for repeat broadcasts. 

Reach a national audience. Our reach is estimated at a half a million listeners nationally on our  13 affiliate terrestrial stations and 5 internet networks . We have hundreds of downloads weekly of our archived shows.



 5 Reasons to Advertise

1. People Shop All the Time

2. People Move

3. People Forget

4. People take their time before buying

5. To Establish an Equity Position in the consumer community.

 Sponsors benefit from a multifaceted ad campaign including web presence and  thirty second radio commercials tailored to promote sponsor’s business and interest.


*Satellite Radio,terrestrial radio and the  Internet play well together. Radio acts as the Connector while the Internet behaves as the Maven and together they make a fabulous Salesman.

  • 83% of the population (ages 18-54) are reached, on a daily basis, by using Radio and the Internet.
  • 67% say, "Hearing things on the Radio will remind me to look up something when I'm using the Internet."
  • 57% of those who listen to the Radio while online say they "check out things on the Internet just after hearing about them on Radio."
  • 41% of light or non-users of television are super heavy users of Radio or the Internet.
  • When Radio ads and Internet ads are used in tandem, compared to a singular web ad, unaided brand recall dramatically enhances four and a half times.

Freedom Marketing, Inc. can design and coordinate additional print collateral, video and alternative radio and television campaigns. Reach Freedom Marketing, Inc. at info@tanyafree.com  or (844) 321-1010 today to schedule an appointment.


*Courtesy Richmond Soul Network P.T Brown Broadcast Co. Inc.